Soil Health to Go! with Darlene Goehringer of Pop’s Old Place

Soil Health to Go! with Darlene Goehringer of Pop’s Old Place

In June, we are excited to bring Pop’s Old Place to our monthly Soil Health to Go lunch and learn. For 20 years, Darlene Goehringer and her husband Arthur Wilson have farmed land formerly stewarded by her great grandfather, hence the name: Pop’s Old Place.

A Maryland Century Farm—one that has been continuously cultivated by the same family for at least one hundred years-–the farm has been a place for raising both animals, produce, and grain. During her childhood, Darlene’s parents grew mostly vegetable crops, but they later switched to grain. When Darlene and Arthur eventually took over, they decided to raise livestock and were committed to giving them the best life they could, full of fresh air and sunshine. They’ve worked to nurture a healthy, multispecies operation to support cows, pigs, and laying hens. 

Darlene and Arthur raise Randall Lineback cows, the rarest breed in the U.S., and Katahdin sheep, both of which they feed exclusively on pasture. Mulefoot pigs, also a rare breed, forage in the surrounding woods and pastures, while also enjoying farm produce and a non-GMO grain mix.

The couple practice intensive rotational grazing, moving the cattle once a day to ignite the health of the soil, pasture, and the grazing animals. 

The lunch and learn, free and virtual, will feature an overview of the farm in addition to some of the specifics of learning how to manage a rotational grazing system. Join us on June 12th! 


The goal of the Million Acre Challenge is to support farmers in building healthy soils on one million acres of Maryland agricultural land by 2030. By joining the Challenge, you show your commitment to putting your boots on the pathway to a profitable, resilient future for your farm with healthy soils as the foundation.

Dates: Wednesday, June 12, 2024, 12-12:30 PM

Location: Virtual