Board of Soil Stewards

The Million Acre Challenge Board of Soil Stewards (BOSS) is a group of farmers from across the state, representing diversified vegetable growers, livestock farmers, and row crop producers, who contribute to every aspect of our project. We are very grateful to our BOSS members for their leadership and stewardship!


Western Maryland

Katherine and Max Dubansky, Backbone Food Farm, Oakland
Ron Holter, Holterholm Farms, Jefferson


Central Maryland

Jordan Bethea, BLISS Meadows, Baltimore
Nazirahk Amen, Purple Mountain Organics, Takoma Park
Keith Ohlinger, Porch View Farm, Woodbine


Southern Maryland

Carrie Vaughn, Clagett Farm, Upper Marlboro
Adam and Jocelyne Cottrell, Floating Lotus Farmstead, Lothian


Eastern Shore

Bob Arnold, Arnold Farms, Chestertown
Trey Hill, Harborview Farms, Rock Hall
Judy Gifford, St. Brigid’s Farm, Kennedyville
Matt Nielsen, Tidewater Organics and Blue River Organic Seed, Centreville
Brian Knox, Where Pigs Fly Farm, Centreville
Dani Winters, Winters’ Farm and Winters’ Farm Florals, Kennedyville