Healthy soils equals healthy food. Sounds simple, right? In fact, there’s a lot that goes into building healthy soils on Maryland farms. From reducing soil disturbance to keeping the soil covered with a living plant as much as possible, promoting biodiversity both above the ground and under it, farmers who work to improve their soils are constantly contributing to better ecosystem health and climate change mitigation. The Million Acre Challenge is supporting farmers who are on a journey for healthy soil – and so can you.

Why does it matter? Because we all depend on healthy soil. A million acres represents half of Maryland’s farmland. Nationwide, we are losing soil at least 10 times faster than we can rebuild it, due to erosion and degradation. The need for solutions is urgent. Regenerative practices build soil, ensuring productive farmland for future generations. We at the Million Acre Challenge believe our farmers are already making a difference and want to do more.

Consumer demand for food grown and raised on healthy soils can help farmers sell their product for a price that reflects the care they put into their crops. Buying locally and regionally raised products that help build soil, promote biodiverse ecosystems, and help support farm communities and economies does make a difference.

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