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Journey to Soil Health… with Ron Holter, Holterholm Farms

For fifth-generation dairy farmer Ron Holter, change comes from the inside out and from the ground up. When he took over his father and uncle’s 250-acre farm in Jefferson, Maryland, they were a conventional Holstein dairy, housing their cows in large buildings and feeding them grain grown on the...

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Journey to Soil Health… with Nazirahk Amen, Purple Mountain Organics

Farmers and doctors might seem like very different professions, but to Nazirahk Amen, combining the two makes perfect sense.  Born and raised in rural Louisiana, where his family grew produce and practiced animal husbandry on their land, Nazirahk began his professional career as an EMT and a medic in New...

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Journey to Soil Health… with Bob Arnold, Arnold Farms

A mere 2,000 feet from the Chester River on Arnold Farms, Bob Arnold gently pet his dog while gazing over an eggplant harvest. Since an early age, his love for the outdoors and comfort with the natural world has inspired his longtime commitment to farming.

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